*SOLD  Old 211S, but fully serviced, and plays very well. It has lots of surface wear, so please don’t consider this flute if that bothers you. In that case, in this price range, please see our Yamaha YFL 23 flute for the same price of flute, but much prettier.

This 211S is probably suitable as an easy to play (plays very well!) spare for a player, a good starter for a teacher to loan to a student, or for a beginner that wants to save £150 on a shiny used 211S. The quality is in its fully serviced, mechanically sound, and easy to play condition.

Trade in within 18 months for 100% of your money back, on any flute over £850.

Fully Made In Japan, not pretty, but does exactly what’s necessary (that’s the flute, not you My Wife).

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