Yamaha YFL 451, earlier version of the current 517, that retails for £2000, so fantastic value for money (we actually prefer these 415 to the current 5 series models because of the manufacture quality).

The 451 has a pro mechanism as opposed to the 311 that has a student design (both have a solid silver headjoint, and plated bodies). It will take an advancing student further than the 311, and also has a richer tone.

In good condition, this model sells for around £1000. This particular flute has pads in great condition, is mechanically fine, has some speckling to the silver plating, so we have vastly reduced the price. There’s also a lot of speckling to the silver plating on the right hand pinky foot joint key. Please see the pictures and video. Bargain for someone that doesn’t mind the speckling, not suitable for someone looking for a cosmetically perfect flute.

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