“Solid Silver headjoint, body and footjoint Miyazawa flute.

In absolutely beautiful condition, definitely thre best MC300 we’ve ever had in stock.

We’ve tested this flute against our current Miyazawa GiBu ST, as well as a Muramatsu GX III, which is the gold standard in previous model Miyazawa flutes and current Muramatsu, and the performances are well on a par. So at £200-£300 less than the equivalent GiBu, and £1000 less than a GX III,  we consider this flute is a great investment.

Earlier model Miyazawa flutes really outlast their direct competitors easily in manufacture quality. They can be 5 years, or 30 years old, and if looked after, still look as new.  As you expect from a Miyazawa solid silver flute, amazing, versatile performance, and a pleasure to play.”


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